UPSC Books List – Suggested by Safin Hasan

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1) History 

  • Old NCERT (std 6 to.12) for Modern India
  • Yellow Book of Vajiram for Modern History (Highly Recommended)
  • For Art and Culture part- NIOS (our cultural heritage )
  • World History : NCERT std 9 n 10 by Arjun Dev
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2) Geography

  • NCERTs from standard 6 to 12.
  • Mapping of all places in current affairs
  • Mapping of rivers, mountains, platues, plains, vegetations, minerals and industries
  • Lecture series on Youtube channel – Mrunal Patel (Highly recommended)
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3) Ecology and Environment

  • Handout published by Vision IAS
  • Shankar IAS (Be selective)
  • Current Affairs
  • Internet

4) Indian Polity and Governance 

  • Constitution of India (M.Laxmikanth) [I personally don’t prefer it as it’s not useful for Mains)
  • Yellow Books of Vajiram (Highly Recommended)
  • Introduction to Indian Constitution (D.D.Basu) [Only if you are comfortable with the Language ]
  • Current Affairs
  • PIB website
  • PRS website

5) International Relations

  • Monthly Current Affair Magazine

6) Indian Economy

  • Yellow book of Vajiram on Indian Economy (Highly Recommended)
  • Gist of Economic Survey for prelims (By Vision IAS)
  • Budget speech and Gist (Vision IAS)
  • Lecture Series by Mrunal Patel (Highly recommended)
  • website – arthpedia 

                      – vikaspedia

7) Science and Tech

  • NCERT (6 to 10) [only of you don’t have Science Background]
  • Current Affairs
  • YouTube for understanding concepts behind current affairs e.g. Nobel Prize
  • Program on RSTV – Science Monitor (Hindi / English)

8) Ethics, Aptitude and Integrity

  • Try understanding each topic written in syllabus from internet. Write down one general and one personal experience on that. And keep revising it.
  •  Try to associate current happenings with topics in syllabus.

9) Current Affairs

  • Read one newspaper a day till Mains. (The Hindu / Indian Express)
  • Monthly magazine (Vision IAS or Vajiram)

   … Vision IAS is more useful for prelims whereas Vajiram is more subjective and hence very useful for Mains. You can read Vision before 1 month of prelims and that would suffice.

  • Debates on RSTV and some expert lectures on various events on YouTube

10) Social Issues

  • NCERT of 11 and 12 (Only on Indian Society)
  • YouTube lectures on given topics by Mahapatra Sir (Cec UGC channel)

11) Security Issues

  • Security Scan (A program by RSTV on YouTube)
  • Current Affairs 

 Revision is the key.

 Go through the questions asked in previous papers of Prelims and Mains before you start any topic.

 Try to minimize your efforts and maximize the outcome.

 There is nothing like one fixed source. Its always about convenient source. Try to stick to it and revise it.

 Preparation should be holistic. There is nothing like separate Preparation for Prelims and separate for Mains.

 Best wishes.